Saturday, May 17, 2014

Great times at the 'SC Comic Con'

I decided to set up shop at my hometown Con, the SC Comic Con.  After wanting to do this for years, but always finding an excuse not to, I finally forced myself to makes signage and prints to display.  I'm so thankfulI did as I learned a lot and had fun in the process.

My work leans more toward the horror genre so I was happy I had the opportunity to do a Freddy Krueger costume sketch card and this "Summertime Jason".  He's wearing his lovely heart mask while enjoying a frosty, eyeball-topped treat!

I'm taking notes on how I can approve my work and booth/table setup so hopefully my next Con will be even better!

For any new visitors to my site, please visit my Facebook page too:

Also for any people who bought my Scooby Doo prints, please visit the "JEEPERS!" page:



Jason vs Freddy custom booklet

I had the pleasure collaborate with another talented artist, Steven Borkofsky, on a custom 'Jason vs Freddy' booklet.  I designed and illustrated the booklet while Steven put his talents to work building the booklet!

I think the final product is outstanding (if I do say so myself).  THANK YOU, Steven!  This card sits at the top of my personal collection.

Sketch card commissions

Thought I'd group all my sketch card commissions together in one poster.  The last few months have allowed me to draw Snake Plissken, a Xenomorph, Yoda, Leatherface and the 'Kick Ass' duo.


Sketch card project - Star Wars: Perspectives, Mars Attacks: Mantic board game and "Legendary Lovecraft" (MonsterWax)

Here are a few more sketch card projects I've completed over the last few months.  I did 30 cards for Topps' "Star Wars: Perspectives" set.  I wish I could've done more, but the deadline was around the birth of my daughter so I didn't want to take on too many.  But with only 30 cards, they'll be a tough pull!

I had another chance to draw more martians (after last year's "Mars Attacks: Invasion" set).  The company, Mantic, is coming out with a Mars Attack board game and are giving away sketch cards as incentives to the donors of the project.  There are only 100 cards TOTAL (10 by me) available so I'm guessing these won't appear often.

Finally, I did 50 sketch cards for MonsterWax's "Legendary Lovecraft" set.  All the cards are based on HP Lovecraft ghouls.

Monday, November 11, 2013

"Star Wars: A New Hope" illustrated sketch cards for Topps.

I was lucky enough to participate in Topps' most recent Star Wars card set release based on the 1977 movie, "A New Hope".  I illustrated 50 panorama and 48 'sketchagraphs' which are autographed by actors from the movie.  All are inserted randomly into packs along with lots of other talented artist's interpretations of wookies, Vader, and Tusken Raiders (OH MY!).

The boxes were released early November so check them out!!  Buy a box (or three) and hopefully you can pull a fun sketch!

Happy Halloween!

I, once again, had the pleasure to illustrate the Flagpole Magazine's annual Halloween short story competition. With the tight turnaround time of editorial, I'm usually sent the winning story and asked to finish the illustration in one night.  Even with this, it's one of my favorite pieces I get to draw.  In the past, the stories and their timely topics have ranged from Hell hounds, healthcare, and haunted records.  This year features a zombie in the shower!!!!

Congratulations to all the winners and I'm already looking forward to reading next year's stories.

Monday, September 23, 2013

All 106 of my "Mars Attacks" sketch card illustrations for Topps

I thought I'd display all 106 of my sketch cards for Topps' upcoming "Mars Attacks" series.  The sketch cards will be inserted into the packs.  The boxes should be out in October (hobby only) so check your local card/hobby shop.

Although the turnaround time was hectic (106 cards in about 3 weeks), it was a pleasure and a hoot to draw martians with huge brains, laser guns, marines and explosions!!!!  ACK! ACK! ACK!

I was asked to participate in Topps' upcoming Star Wars release as well!

The "JEEPERS!" project

I started the "JEEPERS!" project earlier this year just for fun.  Scooby Doo was THE cartoon that defined my childhood and the villains have stuck around in my subconscience since.   Also, I thought reimagining the villains from the show would be a great jumping off point for daily sketches.

In the following months, the project has transformed from just me drawing cartoons to a collection of talented artists all contributing their take on a villain.  Each illustration is put into the "JEEPERS!" card template I designed.

Once we have enough finals, we hope to design a poster like an uncut sheet of cards!  What started as a way for me to sketch has turned into an inspiring collaborative project with talented artist.  ZOINKS!!!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm excited to announce I've been asked to participate as a sketch artist in the upcoming release, "Mars Attacks: Invasion" set to be released this October.

I'll be working on 100 sketch cards which will be put into packs.  I'm nervously excited to start putting ink and paint on my cards but drawing at such a small scale (2.5 x 3.5) will be a challenge!  Check my Facebook page to see updates along the way.

Here's a piece I did for myself.  ACK! ACK! ACK!


It's something I've needed to do for too long, but I finally have a new postcard ready to send to art directors.  Look for something in your mailbox soon!

Pop Culture - Mars Attack, the Running Man and zombies

Lately, when I've found free time between jobs, I delved into pop culture for inspiration.  Here are a some pieces from the last few weeks ranging from "Mars Attacks" to the 1980's movies, "The Running Man" and "Return of the Living Dead".


5 years and 250 illustrations of dumb criminals!!

I recently finished up the 250th weekly 'Crime Blotter' illustration for the Columbia Free Times!!!  Since we started illustrating the blotter back in 2008, the Free Times has gone through several art directors, three writers for the blotter and two owners of the actual paper, but we've only missed 5 weeks in over 5 years. 

If you've had the pleasure of reading the blotter each week, you never know what the people around Columbia, SC will do to get themselves arrested.  Here's to another five years of drawing dumb criminals!!


Thursday, June 06, 2013

Recent covers and spots

Here are a few of my latest finals for topics like bomb hotlines, mad scientists, stress, car shows and rabid SUVs.

Thanks goes to Pete, Hayley, Dan, and Matt for asking me to help!



Monday, March 25, 2013

JEEPERS!!! - Scooby Doo villains are taking over!

Myself along with several friends are collaborating on "JEEPERS!", a fan page featuring the spooky, kooky and ooky villains of Scooby Doo fame.  I've contributed four so far, but please check the facebook page to see the other contributions.

Everyone's finished pieces are designed as trading cards.  Gathered together like an uncut sheet of cards, they should look great as a poster!

The villains I've inked so far include:  "The Ghost of Captain Cutler", "The Red Baron", "Dr. Coffin", and "The Spooky Space Kook".

Friday, March 01, 2013

Sacramento vs San Francisco - spread and spots

Thanks goes to Miles at the Sacramento Magazine for asking me to do the "Sac vs SF" initial spread and accompanying spots.  It's no exaggeration that this was the most detail (on a short deadline) I've  been asked to do, but hopefully I managed to capture some of the fun of the lighthearted story with my work.

Covers, spots, and shirts

Thanks goes to Greg, Priscilla, Brandon, and Dan for the recent shirts, cover and spots.

Please visit Greg's store if you'd like a "Real Men Wear Leather" shirt:  There are several color variations available.

Dan and I just wrapped up the 231st installment (out of 235 weeks) for the Columbia Free Times's "Crime Blotter" section.  Drawing the hijinks of criminals never gets old!

Thanks everyone!

Friday, January 18, 2013



Lately, I've been enjoying working on a personal project focusing on the Leather helmet wearing titans of the Gridiron! Hopefully I can compile enough of my sketches and finished pieces to book soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

WOW - Long time no post!!!

I've been slack about updating my website over the last few months so it's time I pick out some of my recent jobs to show.  The jobs have ranged from multiple covers, spots, and a few vector pieces including a poster for a friend's 'concert-themed' wedding party.

The subjects range from marathon running, police overspending, "Turkey of the Year Awards" for 2012.


Thanks goes to Pete, Priscilla, Dan, Elizabeth, Alex, and Lisa!!!!  Here's wishing everyone good luck in 2013.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Random personal pieces

Here are two recent personal pieces featuring the Incredible Hulk and the Ghost Rider.  The G.R. piece was the 1st time I had the chance to try out my pentel brush pen which I LOVED!  It doesn't have the 'happy accidents' which a bottle of ink and quill pen give, but the time it saves more than makes up for it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just for fun!

I try to keep my pencil/pen moving even when I'm not working on assignments. Sometimes it's just quick sketches at my local coffee shop while other times I take my ideas to an inked/colored final.

Here are a few pieces that started as doodles.

Recent color and b/w spots

Sorry it's been too long since I've posted any illustrations! Here are a few color and b/w spots completed in the last few months.

Thanks goes to Brandon, Kathryn, Priscilla, Julie, and Miche!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

String Theory


I'm working on a series I'm calling 'String Theory' where I explore movement, texture, and pattern. It's a huge departure from my mostly figurative work, but I'm having fun experimenting. This is an ongoing series so I'll post them as I finish.

Recent covers and spots


Here is a sampling of recent covers, full pages and spots for topics such as NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, things not to do over the Holidays, making it 'rain', and haunted 45s.  Thanks goes to Carrie, Maureen, Pete and Dan for the fun jobs.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2011 and thank you to all the art directors who kept me in business working on what I love! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEARS to you all and see you in 2012.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Recent covers


LONG TIME NO POST!!!  Here is a collection of recent covers. Thanks Dan, Joel, and Susan!

B/W and color spots


Here is a collection of color and b/w spots I've completed over the last few months. Topics include sports you can play during a hurricane, trunk-or-treating, the AntiChrist, and flash mobs.

Thanks to all the art directors for the great topics!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three years of the Crime Blotter


I just illustrated the 156th straight week of the Columbia Free Time's Crime Blotter and wanted to say thanks for Dan and Preach for the laughs. Rain, sleet, or snow....holidays or random summer afternoons, each week they emailed me hilarious stories featuring bungling criminals around the Columbia, SC area.

Here's to the three more years of felonious funnies!


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Thank you


It's a sad week for me as one of the most fun columns (and influential on my art) has been put on hiatus. The 'Night Watch' column which I've had a part in since my first illustration back in April 2008, will no longer be running in the New Times Broward/Palm Beach. The writer has moved onto greener pastures and there isn't any immediate plans to hire a new one.

To say the Night Watch column influenced my work is an understatement. At least twice a month (sometimes 3-4 times/month), I'd get a creative story on unimaginable topics. One week I'd be drawing superheroes and roller girls drinking martinis. Other weeks, I'm diving into sexual fetishes and smokey dive bars and gallons of liquor. Hopefully my illustrations reflected the descriptive topics and the fun I had creating them.

Thank you Miche, Tara and James. Each week was a hoot and I'm lucky you allowed me to play a part. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the column will be revived in the future!

Here are some of my favorite pieces over the years starting with the first: the roller girls

Night Watch


I'm proud to say I just finished the 120th different 'Night Watch' illustration for Miche Ratto and the New Times Broward/Palm Beach since starting work with them in the summer of 2007. The stories are always hilarious and I'm allowed the freedom to let my imagination wander. You could say it's the perfect job!

Recent topics include bacon flavored martinis, the cleanest urinal EVA and a clothing optional club.

Trail Nerd shirts


For the past six years, I've been working with Ben Holmes and the Kansas City Trail Nerds, a trail running club, on their race shirts, finisher medals, brochures and posters. If you're ever in the Kansas City area and want to experience a fun yet challenging 'dirt only' race, give them a shout!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Tales of Strange Romance


Hopefully 'Gimpy' as I like to call the main character in the faux comic, 'Tales of Strange Romance', made you chuckle! The faux comic is the cover of this week's SF Weekly's dating issue. Along with the cover, I was asked to illustrate a full page and three spot illustrations.

Andrew, SF Weekly's art director, and I decided on the romance comic theme early in the sketch process and kept the feel of the old comics throughout the illustrations even including halftone patterns and muted colors. You can see a few rounds of sketches on my sketch blog, Inkydoodles (link located at the bottom right of the homepage).

Thanks Andrew and SF Weekly! GOOOOO GIMPY!

FINALLY - a new postcard


I'm wrapping up hand addressing 500 postcards to send to art directors this week!!! It's been much too long between mailers but sometimes it's tough finding the time to print and address postcards between jobs.

They should start arriving in your mail boxes next week and if you'd like to be included on the mailing list, let me know.

As always, become a 'fan' of my Facebook page to stay current on my projects and please check my sketch blog to see the progression from sketches to final on the occasional job. Links to both can be found of the bottom right of my homepage.




Are you a 'Green Warrior'? Dan, at the Columbia Free Times, asked his readers where they fit on the 'green scale' ranging from 'Earth Hater' to 'Eco Warrior'.

In total, there was the cover and spots. THANKS DAN!

Covers, spots, color and black/white - OH MY!


Thanks goes to Christopher, Joel, William and Angela for the fun jobs! Topics range from Duncan Jones, the director and son of David Bowie, to pesticides to angry bloggers.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vrooom!!! Vrooommmmm!!!


In this month's Automobile magazine, I had the chance to illustrate a topic close to my heart, video games...but specifically, DRIVING video games.

I had to fit multiple images in a long, horizontal format starting with the earliest games, Pole Position, and finishing with the most recent game, Gran Turismo 2010. Can you recognize all eight games depicted?

Jobs like this are what make me excited to sit behind my drawing desk each morning. Thanks Kelly!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where does the money go?


Thanks goes to Dave and the Flagpole gang for the fun cover topic concerning the flow of money between big music publishing companies, small music venues and bands.

It's always fun to go back 'to your roots' as the Flagpole was the first publication to give me a chance to illustrate spots over a decade ago. It's always a pleasure to help!

Polamalu's hair and other celebrities!


I don't get to do portraits often but always enjoy the challenge of capturing a person's likeness in whatever the situation calls for.

The illustrated celebrities include Troy Polamalu (and his hair), blogger Justine Ezarik, Zachary Quinto (the new Spock), and newly wed couple, Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff.

Thanks for asking me to help, Chuck!

Recent color illustrations


Topics include wannabe kings, rattlesnakes, oxycontin, Donny & Marie Osmond, and roller girls.

Thanks goes to Joel, Brandon, Miles, Heidi, and Denise for the great topics.

black 'n white spots


Topics for recent black and white spots include fraud in the banking system, police corruption, dumb criminals, battlin' DJs, and bowling.

Thanks goes to William, Dan, Preach, Pam and Miche.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Inside Counsel cover


I was asked by Elizabeth at the Inside Counsel magazine to illustrate a cover on the topic of bribery in the world workforce and how to help companies protect themselves from prosecution under anti-corruption laws.

I have the apprehensive businessman unsure about taking bribes (which are sometimes commonplace in other countries to do business). Multiple hands reach to give him currency, but he should be nervous as there's always one snake that could bring the business down.

I did two versions of the cover and let Elizabeth choose which she liked better. The finished version looks great in print.

Pasadena Weekly Rose Bowl Cover


The Horned Frogs vs the Badgers! Action, movement, bright colors, over-the-top mascots, and college football - this could be my favorite topic!

Joel at the Pasadena Weekly asked me for the 2nd year in a row to illustrate their annual Rose Bowl cover with this year's participants being the Texas Christian Horned Frogs vs the Wisconsin Badgers. I honed my inner Jack Davis and depicted the two behemoths battling it out on top of a hill of roses.

Thanks Joel for the great job! And congrats to the TCU Horned Frogs for the victory.

If you'd like to see the process from early sketches to the finished piece, please visit my 'inky sketches' blog (link at bottom, right of page).

Starting 2011 off right with new images!


To wrap up 2010, I'll post the last few spot and full page illustrations with topics ranging from trendy night clubs to oblivious city counsel members to overbearing cops.

Thanks goes to Denise, Miche, Shan, Joel, Sarah, David, Heidi and Susan for allowing me to contribute my inkings!

2010 was another successful year so I want to thank everyone who hired, follows, or maybe most importantly, gives me words on encouragement to keep inking.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recent covers and spots


Since my last major post, I've completed numerous covers for weeklies with accompanying spots. The topics have ranged from tea party supporters, short story competitions to scary politicians!

Thanks goes to Angela, Maureen, Miles, and Karen!

Long time NO POST!


Howdy! It's been too long since I've put new images on my site, but I've only recently recovered from a total computer failure. My old G5 finally kicked the bucket, but it wasn't a total loss as most of my data was backed up. However I did lose a few files over a 1-month period where I didn't back up my images to disk. On the bright side, I have a fancy new Imac with a HUGE screen and the automatic backup server so it's time to get back with image posting.

Above are images for a Halloween short story competition, another entry for my weekly Night Watch column, a story about shady politicians and a concert poster.

Thanks goes to Pete, Miche, Sarah and Lisa!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FREAKSHOW: C-Ville Weekly's "Best of" issue


Just completed a huge project for the C-Ville Weekly's "Best of" issue. The theme for this year's issue was "FREAKSHOW"! Each category in the issue ("Services", "Retail", "Food & Drink", "Rec & Fitness", etc) had to have a corresponding freak.

For example, the bearded woman illustration was the header for the "Services" category since she owns a barber shop. The siamese twins illustration was the header for the "Entertainment" category since they have their own 2-man band. The sandwich swallower illustration is the header of the "Food & Drink" category.

Along with the illustrations in the issue, I also completed the invitation to their "Best of" party!

Thank you, Bill, for the chance to work on a great project!